The Back Lady

Some of you may have seen that we have super woman visit our salon, she is also known as Kate Lord, amazing back lady, McTimoney practitioner from Human Horse and Hound.

What is McTimoney we hear you ask?

You know that feeling at the end of a busy week when you back has just had enough Canin McTimoney(we know that feeling all too well!) dogs also suffer with tightness and misalignment and musculoskeletal pain.  This can affect any dog be it a working dog or a pet dog, any age or any size!

Our dogs obviously can’t talk to us and tell us they are experiencing some discomfort.  However, they can show us through their behaviour and movement.  You should definitely consider McTimoney if your dog is showing the following signs:

          Signs of discomfort when being touched or stroked along their back

          A reluctance to exercise

          Stiffness or pain after exercise

          Difficulty climbing the stairs or getting into cars

          Discomfort or pain after an accident – where alternative causes have been ruled out.

          Unexpected temperament or behavioural changes

          Reluctance to play

          Crying/yelping on movement

          Difficulty getting up and down

          A reduction in performance, jumping ability or speed.Canine massage

Any of these signs can be caused by

          Pulling on the lead

          Trauma such as knocks and falls

          Repetitive strains from agility, racing or working (e.g police dogs and guide dogs)

          Playing (tug, frisbee)

          Compensation, for example an elderly dog who is slightly stiff, might walk differently and end up with back pain as a consequence

          Conformational defects

What does the treatment involve?

Kate will do a thorough pre assessment of your dog focussing the spine, pelvis andBack manipulation other relevant joints.  A full case history with be carried out.  Kate then uses her magic hands to treat misalignments, its very gentle and non-invasive procedure that aims to restore and maintain health, soundness and performance.  

Before any treatment takes place, you need to consult your veterinary surgeon as it’s illegal for a non-veterinary practitioner to treat an animal without approval. Most veterinary surgeons will happily give their permission.

We really can’t recommend McTimoney practice highly enough, Paddy finds it all highly relaxing, it’s his favourite appointment that we have! It’s like someone turns his snooze button on!

If you’d be interested in getting your dogs back treated at The Dog House, please let us know at

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