Common Poisons to look out for this Easter

The garden is a common place for poisoning, the following plants are poisonous to dogs:

–          Daffodil bulbs

–          Foxgloves

–          Hydrangea

–          Rhonodendron

–          Sweet peas

–          Tulip bulbs

–          Wisteria

To name a few!

Then we have pesticides in the garden, slug pellets, weed killer, rat poison.  Make sure you check the label, most will give directions for use if you have a pet household.  The sprays that go one farmers field can some times be harmful so don’t let your dogs drink out of the puddles in fields and try and avoid fields that have recently been worked on.

Blue green algae – found in still water such as lakes and reservoirs.  Most popular dog walking spots will have signs making you aware of the presence of this.  Please don’t let your dog swim in it, poising can take hold really quickly and can be fatal.  Have a google and look some pictures of what this type of algae looks like to familiarise yourself with it.  If you’re not sure it just easier to not let your dog swim.  It can also be present in water bowls that are left outside, please make sure they’re scrubbed out regularly.

If you think your dog has been poisoned then don’t wait around, get them straight to the vets and act quickly.  If you have a label of what you think has been ingested then take that with you.  Call your vet en route to let them know that you are coming.  Some signs that your dog has been poisoned are:

– Seizures

– Vomiting

– Bruising

– Lethergy

– Nosebleeds


That said, this information is more for your awareness and understanding.  Although it sounds scary, if you manage the risks, there’s slim chance that you dog will ever be poisoned!

Have a relaxing and happy Easter with the lovely weather that has been forecast!

This is a really important website all about poisoning for pets,  save it to your favourites 

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