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In line with the latest updated guidance on 12th January from DEFRA (Government Environmental Department), The Pet Industry Federation and Canine & Feline Sector Group, dog groomers are now permitted to groom pets on welfare grounds only.
Appointments will now need to be assessed on a case by case basis, and if in our professional opinion that we are able to continue as a welfare groom, then your appointment will go ahead. If your dog’s appointment is seen as a cosmetic groom, then we will need to reschedule until the lockdown restrictions ease or if it because a welfare case.
Reasons for a welfare groom could include veterinary referrals for skin conditions or excessive matting causing your dog discomfort.
We are required to provide photographic evidence to prove the groom is for welfare reasons if we are investigated at any point. We cannot run the risk of being fined if we work outside the parameters set out by our governing bodies.
This virus is very serious and we must do our part to help reduce the spread and contribute to getting our lives back on track as soon as we possibly can.
We have closed before and you all managed so well to maintain your dogs coats. As always we will only be a phone call away with any help and assistance that you may need. We have our client group ‘The Dog House Uncut’ on facebook and we’re also starting the ‘5 Day Puppy Pamper Challenge’ group on Monday 18th January.
Please stay safe and look after yourselves. Follow the rules set out and we’ll be back in no time at all.
Love always
Anna & Selina
Your Furry Dog Mothers

Yippeeeee – You’ve found us!

Welcome to The Dog House Canine Spa. Founded by Selina West and Anna Pollard we have a lifelong passion of all things dog.  Your fairy dog mothers are here to help!

Are you looking for the perfect puppy introduction for a life of stress free grooming?

Worried about leaving your dog at the grooming salon?

Or need a groomer who understands your dog’s quirks?

These are just a few concerns that our loyal customers shared with us at the start of their journey and we get it, it can be daunting for owner and dog.  We can count the number of people we trust our own dogs with …..on less than one hand.

Choosing a dog groomer is so much more than ringing around to see who has the cheapest price and next available appointment, it’s an emotional investment too.

You and your dog are invited to join us for a 1-1 consultation.  We will take you through our CANINE Health Check before deciding which of our spa packages best suits your dog and your lifestyle.

Why The Dog House?

Over our years of experience it’s evident that some dogs require a little more handling and can be a bit nervous of the grooming process.  At The Dog House we have the ability to work two groomers to one dog helping your dog to become more relaxed, therefore enjoying the experience more.  Talk to us if you’re dog is reactive and we can arrange a quieter time for salon exclusivity

We specialise in introducing your puppy to the grooming process at the earliest opportunity.  Ensuring they are happy and content being in the salon with us, giving them chance to absorb all of their surroundings.  We use puzzles, games and treats to help them settle whilst they become used to the environment.  We love to see happy puppies bounding up to the salon, excited for their sessions to start.  You potentially have 15 years of dog grooming on a 6 week schedule.  Why not make it an experience for them to adore?

As featured on Countryfile Live  (Castle Howard), on BBC Radio Leicester and in Your Dog Magazine

We are based in Barkby Thorpe and service clients from Leicester as well as surrounding villages; Beeby, Barkby, Queniborough, Tilton, Thurmaston etc