Meet The Team

Dog grooming salon


Selina has several years grooming in a salon environment and a wealth of experience working with dogs from a boarding kennels to a vets!  Also mummy to Moogie and Bandit who you will see in the salon most days!



The other half of The Dog House team. Having always hand stripped her own Patterdale Terriers, Anna wanted to expand her grooming knowledge and that’s how she met Selina….the rest is history!

Dog Grooming Leicester


Cody is Anna’s beautiful big boy.  His big bark is definitely deceiving as he’s a soft as anything.  You’ll rarely see Cody at the salon….because of his big bark, but he also has to be under Anna’s feet all day long, which just isn’t practical!  Cody is 18 months into his agility journey and he’s coming on leaps and bounds….watch out Crufts!

Dog Grooming Leicester


Moogie, Selina’s Puggle (Pug x Beagle) is in the salon most days strutting his stuff.  He’s such an attention seeker with bags of attitude, he honestly believes he’s the size of Cody!  You’ll definitely hear him before you see him.

Dog Grooming Leicester


Paddy, our favourite little chunky Irish man is also in the salon everyday, you can usually find him….in bed! Paddy isn’t the most energetic pooch and it’s safe to say he plays a blinder wrapping Anna around his little finger.  He’s a gentle old boy with a few moments of madness throughout the day and plenty of cheek!

Dog Grooming Leicester Boston Terrier


Bandit, aptly named due to his facial markings, is Selina’s baby!  Bandit is a Boston Terrier, often confused for a French bulldog.  He likes to cheer Moogie on from the side-lines when it comes to the salon rough and tumble. He loves a cuddle at lunchtimes and will love you forever if you rub his paws! Bandit is a fair weather dog and would much prefer to live in sunnier climes!