The Dog House Leicester

Puppy Pamper Package

Congraulations on your new arrival!  Getting a puppy is such an exciting time for you and training your puppy is essential for a well rounded dog who understands the rules and is a pleasure to be around – leading to a long and happy life filled with adventures buy your side.

But…have you thought about your puppies grooming routine?

It often gets overlooked when getting a puppy as there much more exciting stuff to be doing with training and tricks and exploring new walks.

At some point though, you’re going to want your puppy to have a bath, those exciting walks usually involved muddy puddles and rolling in poop!

If your puppy has a long coat they will need to be groomed regularly, approx every 6 weeks (more often if you want to keep their coat longer as it has to be in great condition!) to keep their coat tangle free and therefore pain free for them

There’s a lot of different aspects to grooming for dogs who have never experienced it before, whther they’re a puppy or an older dog and to expect them to come into a salon and experience it all at once is a bit like taking a toddler to university and expecting them to come out with a degree.

There’s different smells, sounds, surfaces for dogs before we even get to popping them in the bath and then using high velocity dryers on them which they will have never experienced before.

Our puppy package is broken down over 6 weekly sessions, your puppy will come into the salon learn to build a bond with us, use their nose to identify salon smells, stand on the table, stand in the bath, experience the sounds of clippers, experiences different dryers, do brain work and puzzles as well as having lots of fuss and cuddles along the way.  By week 6 we’ll work with your puppy to do a full groom on them.

Blimey – that’s a busy 6 weeks.  Going to be expensive right?  Can’t afford it after forking out on the puppy, all new puppy things and training.  


We offer our puppy package for an absolute steal – for the 6 weeks package it’s just £99.   That’s less than the average price of two grooms (and you’re getting one included).

So don’t delay – get booked in today.  We accept puppies from 12 weeks or as soon as they’re able to go out on walks.

Don’t listen to your breeder who says they shouldn’t be groomed until they’re 6 months – they don’t know what they’re on about.

If you’re still not sure – pop in and see us.  Come and meet us before your puppy even arrives home, take a look around the salon.  You have nothing to loose and your pup has everything to gain.