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Jono Seaton Bertie

Bertie loves his trips to The Dog House and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service that Anna and Selina provide. Anyone who can actually get Bert to take a bath, never mind enjoy it, deserves a medal in my book!

Heather Bywater Hattie

Hattie has just had her third visit to The Dog House, which alone, speaks for itself. She could get quite anxious and worked up when being groomed but since coming here has completely changed. Selina and Anna have created a calm and relaxed atmosphere which suits her nature. I’m so pleased to have found somewhere she’s happy and we look forward to many more future visits.

Danielle Campos Ted

Just collected my dog ted from the dog house and I am so pleased with his groom. He looks amazing! After a bad experience with a different groomer I was a bit apprehensive but had nothing to be worried about here. He looks gorgeous and has been very well taken care of. Thank you so much! Ted is already looking forward to his next pamper session.

Pam Joblin Molly

Took my Molly to be clipped and bathed today must say it’s the best she has ever looked absolutely beautiful and smells divine ladies are lovely too thank you so much Anna and Selina we will be back.

Kate Evans Bear

First time my dog has ever looked happy at a groomers, he's usually really scared, the girls were great with him and he looks and smells amazing ready for santa thankyou x

Mary A'Hern Smith Oscar

Oscar looks wonderful following the hard work of Anna and Selina. It was his first time being hand stripped and he took it in his stride. We couldn’t stop cuddling him last night! Thank you so much.