The real cost of owning dogs

Isn’t it funny how dogs are so similar to children….if we sat down and worked out how much they’d cost we’d never have them (so Selina tells me anyway, I’m happy with expensive dogs for now!).  But what is the real cost of dogs?

You know the feeling when you’re getting ready for a night out with your significant other.  Not an out out night as we’re too old for that these days, but an Only Fools and Horses dining experience, needless to say we were the youngest there by about 30 years.  We really need to find a happy medium for our date nights!  Anyway, getting ready for a night out, trying to find an outfit the same jeans and nice top combo and you can never find THAT nice top.

It dawns on me that after digging through three pairs of dog jeans, two pairs of grooming leggings, various running tops that I’ve accrued over the years (I only do a race if you get a beer glass or free t-shirt!) I only have one pair of nice jeans, one pair! Then it is finding the right top, pull out every top try it against you then simply get fed up; declaring that I have nothing to wear, nothing looks right and now I don’t want to even go out.  This, is why it takes us girls so long to get ready! Finally you find something that resembles an outfit that doesn’t suggest you have three hairy dogs and groom dogs for a living and then….

You let your three beautiful doggos out for a wee before you go, make sure they had all their dinner, top up water bowls, make sure that your bed is made as the boys need to be comfortable whilst you’re gone, right?  You fill a Kong for Prim as she has to stay in crate still and you don’t want her to be bored.  Make sure the lights are on for them, leave something nice on the TV (no horror films!), declare your undying love for them several times before you eventually get out of the house. 

En route we chat about the week ahead, Prim has training on Thursday, Cody is booked on for another training day, Paddy needs to come to work for a bath this week, Cody could really do with a better fitting harness to help with his loose lead walking, there’s a new seminar coming up that looks interesting, the list goes on!  Oh and Prim’s collar is rubbing her coat a little too much so her new collar is on order, its hypoallergenic and this great material that is wipeable etc (haven’t told him its going to be hot pink!) and that’s when you get the raised eyebrow

‘Prim has a hypoallergenic collar….and you have holey pants!’

Pretty much sums up the cost of owning dogs, it really is priceless! But we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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