Why we love Paw Naturel

Choosing the right shampoo is a difficult decision when you’re a dog groomer! Spending most of the day with our hands in water and then the heat from drying was playing havoc with our skin, then it made us think….does it make the dogs skin sore? What is in some of the shampoo’s we use!!

We had heard of this company called Paw Naturel so we took a look and it ticked all of our boxes and it was even formulated by a dog groomer, perfect!

Paw Naturel shampoos are hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive of dogs, including puppies. Formulated with natural ingredients, free from any nasties and it’s a tear free formula, so it wont damage eyes. All the products are tested on humans, not animals, some people even use these products on themselves! Paw Naturel shampoos are derived from plants based ingredients making them vegan friendly formulas.

Benefits of Paw Naturel Shampoo

• Hypoallergenic formula – free from SLS/SLES, parabens and alcoholdog shampoo
• Cleanses & conditions coat to create a luxury touch coat, & beautiful smelling pooches.
• Packed with a large vitamin complex of B, C and E. This combination is great for really bringing your dogs’ coat colour to life. Naturally brightening dull ends and removing stains.
• Naturally deodorising
• Rinses off quickly, saving on water.
• Cut drying time in half.
• Gentle on skin and coat, including the hands that apply it.

It dilutes down to a ratio of 31 to 1 or it can be used neat, meaning the shampoo lasts us so much longer and leaves a really clean finish as it rinses out so nicely.

All in all we’re super chuffed with our shampoo and we love supporting such a great business with fantastic products.

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